Research in Progress

Under Review

Chae, Sophia and Victor Agadjanian. “A waning institution? Prevalence, quality, and nature of polygynous marriages in sub-Saharan Africa.” (revise and resubmit)

Agadjanian, Victor and Sophia Chae. “Men’s migration, marital trajectories, and women’s well-being in rural Mozambique.” 


In Progress

Chae, Sophia and Victor Agadjanian. “Polygyny and fertility: Continuity or change in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Chae, Sophia and Victor Agadjanian. “The changing nature of polygynous unions in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for women’s empowerment and marital egalitarianism.”

Chae, Sophia, Jessie Pinchoff, Mark Montgomery. “Adolescent migration to urban areas and schooling in Africa and Asia.”

Chae, Sophia, Hans-Peter Kohler, and Iliana V. Kohler. “Intergenerational impact of aging on children’s well-being.”

Chae, Sophia and Philip Anglewicz. “Marriage and health in rural Malawi.”